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Earthship Belgium is a bunch of awesome people!

“The main purpose of Earthship Belgium vzw is to guarantee a possibility for people to help each other voluntarily and without payment with the realisation of payable, sustainable and self-providing living-space in the form of an Earthship, or Earthship inspired constructions.”


  1. avatar Kevin Schot says:

    Earthship Belgium is another “Mother Tree” system of uniting people and sustainable solutions, very much in-line with the GCA concept, focussing primarily on the change that needs to happen within Europe in the name of global peace, equity and sustainability. We are thankful on the ground for their dedication and drive to get groups of volunteers together from many nations and assist in any on-going GCA projects involving Earthships! Thanks you bro’s and sis’s of the ten nations that helped out at the MidgĂ„rd Blackship here in Sweden during the Summer 2011. We hope that this is just the first of many, many visits and allied projects worldwide! Blessings from the icy North (Sweden).

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