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We’ve been using a Facebook group for ages now and are starting to experience the negative aspects of that. For starters, Facebook will change what ever they want apparently without concerning themselves with what current users are liking. Also, there’s always talk about how Facebook will sell information to anyone who will pay. Thus, it’s time we start using our own system!

So, if you’re on the Facebook group and missed the post I wrote about how we should all move onto here now, just send me a message on Facebook, or an email to jag at mikaelgron dot seĀ and tell me what email address you want, and what username you’d prefer, and I’ll set you up with an account.

What you get

Firstly, the ability to write posts that will then be reviewed by one of the editors/admins or above. After a while when we see that you can contribute texts that could be published without review, you will be promoted to an author.

Secondly, you get to write Wiki articles on the knowledgebase! On there we won’t review anything (mostly because that’s not really supported by the code) and you can be up and running writing cool instructions, recipes, fictional or factual articles in no time.

Thirdly, you will get your very own email address! It’ll be [username] and can be accessed either via IMAP or the nice webmail interface. If you want, you can get it as a forwarder address to what ever email address you prefer today.

(Please note that the email system isn’t automagically creating new email addresses right now, but I’m fixing that soon).

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