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Summary of my research now seeking official funding (all assistance welcomed) – as of February 2014

As it stands today, I have continued to do what I’ve been doing quietly by hand, no oil or machine, for the last 12 years, but realise this is no longer fast enough to match the approach of problems that are upon us all now globally. I have a responsibility after carrying this vision since 12 – 13 years old, to test it as a possible medicine to address the balance and abuses in the world, without further muddying the water with religious dogma or political force. We need to find the funding neccessary to bring a bit of light back to the world, at a time when hopes are fast fading and we’re losing an estimated 200 species per day (extinction rate – UN statistic). We KNOW the way forward, we just need the energy to start wheels turning and we can take over and keep it going. For all our relations worldwide, especially the non-human – please find a way to solidify this humble team effort to find our way home. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Kevin Schot-Elliott
Treasurer – Medicine Ways Ekonomisk Förening

Research areas in brief:
1-2 sustainable human – smallest possible footprint
5 human sustainable family – smallest possible footprint
50 human sustainable band/Full Landbase/ Community – sites one and two
500 human sustainable tribe/community – using a combined landbase of 25 hectares locally.

Continuing amplified research from all positive results gained for the years to come:
a) Free food system locally

b) Four Directions fund – economic reinvestment into instant sustainable long-term solutions.

c) International off-grid Hostels and shelters

d) Horses and Carts, limited locally grown and rationed seasonally Biodiesel and annual markets

e) Meaningful performing arts events

f) Full sustainability and full sustainable economy (both internal and external dynamics in a regenerative, accumulative and exponential state).

g) Reach a critical mass of 3 650 local members of the co-operative rooted within Falköpings Kommun – and grow the movement to cover the needs of all 36 500 residents of the region, from the smallest possible, bio-diverse regenerative local footprint.

h) Globally, help other bands through a grassroots North/South and East/West axis and strengthen bonds and relationships in peace and equity – without focus on ”ists” or ”isms” that divide us. (ie religious talk/belief is a private matter which is everyone’s right but not something we need to concern ourselves with as point of focus in this initiative. I hold the belief that as long as no-one causes harm or loss, we’re all ok and we certainly have some more urgent work ahead of us – which is really every human-beings most basic of responsibilities. Responsible survival and equitable co-existence.

i) Global Green Circle Alliance natural seed library

j) Through grassroots agreements cross-border, but with extreme cultural sensitivity (and sensitivity surrounding any negative/traumatic/ancestral/feudal pre-history between the partnering communities), try to encourage the same research as fast as possible, for the sake of all bio-regions on Earth, especially requesting respectfully an alliance with all indigenous first nations. We call this model or agreement ”The Green Circle Alliance”, with our Swedish registered co-operative ”Medicine Ways Ekonomisk Förening” trying hard to both spread this research globally and achieve the most optimal results on our first 2.5 hectares landbase here in Falköpings Kommun, VästraGötaland, Sweden at the same time. This model includes rights to equitable sustainability for all life, is an informal friendship or deeper alliance and exists in the ether of vision, to be interpreted and adapted locally according to people’s needs – but is never a question of further encroachment of one band/tribe/culture onto the landbase of another. No land needs to change hands internationally, it is simply and agreement to do the best we can to preserve local bio-diversity and help each others bands and communities to sustain themselves from their own smallest possible ecological/biological footprint. It is my belief that only through this final consensus (and action), will we ever find peace as a species. Peace is rooted in the uncompromisable neccessity of sustainability and equity combined. It can be no other way and we will never find peace for as long as we continue to make war against all our other relatives across Mother Earth. Together, we can agree to do all we can to help strengthen each others resilience to a very uncertain global future, in the name of our children and all our relations.

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